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Send Text Message Quickly

Send bulk, personalized text messages to your Contacts or Group lists quickly and easily using Buzoonga. Customize your sender ID and schedule future messages to keep your customers informed on new promotions, sales, and news you want to share. Start an effective global text ad campaign by sending 459 character messages to customers anywhere in the world.

View Real-Time Reports

Keep track of all your bulk text messages when you log into your Buzoonga dashboard online or through Web API's. You can track all scheduled and future messages, as well as every delivered, pending and failed text messages. With our real-time reports, you can easily manage your SMS advertising campaign and execute important business decisions with exact certainty.

Integrate in Minutes, Not Weeks

Whether you're sending marketing, transactional, or news text messages, Buzoonga allows you to integrate our free API's with your existing CRM, e-Commerce and any other software application so you can customize it anyway you like. The integration process takes minutes to complete and it supports any language including PHP, .NET, C++, and Java.


Design your own SMS template which can be used time and again to send appointment reminders, promotional ads, or payroll notifications to your employees or customers. So whether you want to send multiple templates or one template, you're in control when you send text messages with Buzoonga.

Send Texts On The Fly

Start sending SMS messages straight from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone with Buzoonga. Perfect for those on the move, you can quickly schedule and send SMS to existing groups and contact lists right from your phone. Create new groups, add to existing groups, and check delivery reports with the tap of a finger.

Receive Text Messages Online

Buzoonga's dedicated inbound text numbers (07xxxxxxxx) allows your audience to contact you instantly. You can receive incoming text messages directly into your Buzoonga Inbox and also on your email. Unlike short code or special long numbers, Buzoonga provides a virtual UK Mobile Number which makes it easy and cost effective for your recipients to respond.

More Features

  • Easy to Setup

    No downloads, no setup fees. Sign up and you’re ready to send text messages in less than 30 seconds. What’s more? You get 10 Free credits on your sign up.

  • Send Anywhere

    With Buzoonga you have access to over 700+ networks in 175+ countries. No seperate activation is required to send text messages outside the UK.

  • Recharge Anytime

    Use your credit or debit card to recharge your Buzoonga account instantly. Its safe, simple & secure.

  • Manage Contacts & Groups

    Quickly create groups and add contacts individually or import your spreadsheet. Buzoonga also allows you to preview & edit your spreadsheet online before you add them.

  • Quick HLR Lookup (On-demand)

    Save costs and improve messaging accuracy. Buzoonga HLR Lookup validates your contacts and identifies whether your subscriber is roaming on another network, currently active or has been disabled.

  • Fanatic Support.

    Facing an issue? Raise support tickets directly from your Buzoonga Web Panel and one of our technicians will be there to assist you.

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